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Infrared Inspection Services & Nondestructive Testing: Vector Mapping & Electronic Leak Detection, Building
Envelope Analysis, Roof Moisture Surveys, Electrical, Mechanical & Steam System Infrared Testing and more.
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TruGround Conductive Primer

Now you can specify a conductive layer DIRECTLY UNDER the membrane that doesn’t risk compromising adhesion.

TruGround™ ensures a quick, thorough, and accurate membrane integrity test can be performed on insulated systems.  More..
Roof Moisture Survey
Infrared roof moisture surveys pinpoint wet insulation in flat roof systems and can save you thousands of dollars on roof repair and replacement costs. Prevent mold risks, roof damage and leaks and slash energy costs with an infrared roof scan. More
Vector Mapping Leak Detection
TruGround™ is the best way to make sure the waterproof membrane on your conventional roof assembly is dry and watertight.

For use with both high and low voltage testing methods.

Get full testability and full adhesion—install the closest, most complete grounding substrate for the entire membrane.  More..

TruGround Conductive Primer
Vector Mapping electronic leak detection pinpoints breaches in roof and waterproofing membranes for less expensive, faster, safer, and more reliable testing than traditional methods. We offer both high and low voltage methods, and ELD Fusion® for optimum results. More
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Building Envelope Inspection
Infrared building envelope inspections locate and document heat loss problems. Pinpoint missing, damaged, and wet insulation, causes of frozen pipes, ice dams, and cold air infiltration. Reduce heating costs, boost energy efficiency and comfort. More
Electrical Inspection
Infrared electrical-mechanical scans quickly and accurately pinpoint hot spots in electrical or mechanical systems. Reduce your maintenance time and increase profits while reducing unscheduled outages and losses, boosting energy efficiency. More
Steam System Inspection
Infrared steam system inspections quickly locate hidden problems in boilers, refractories, traps, exchangers & other system components. Detect leaks and blockages in lines & underground pipe runs, cut fuel & water costs, boost efficiency. More
Professional Standards
Certified Thermography: Founded in 1984, Infra-red Analyzers is committed to the highest standards of professional thermography and infrared surveys. Our thermographers are certified under the auspices of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. More
Green Building and Infrared Testing
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Serving the Special Needs of Your Industry:
Whether you're troubleshooting an emergency or enhancing the safety and reliability of mission critical systems, Infra-red Analyzers is ready to provide the professional inspection and analysis you need. More
From day care centers to colleges and universities, we've helped hundreds of educational institutions cut costs and improve the safety, comfort, and efficiency of their facilities. More
Our certified technicians and analysts help you develop a thorough understanding of the built environment to provide your clients with the best possible build and repair solutions. More
Our team has extensive training in the safe, professional testing of power generation and utility equipment to provide the independent testing and analysis you need. More
Infra-red Analyzers works closely with roofing contractors to provide professional testing and analysis for a thorough understanding of the roofing system's condition. More
Our vector mapping technicians can help you troubleshoot the toughest waterproofing problems in virtually any application with high or low voltage leak detection technology. More
US Green Building Council
Committed to Energy Efficiency and Green Building
We're proud to belong to the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC is a 501(c)(3) non profit composed of leaders from every sector of the building industry working to promote buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.
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