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TruGround® Conductive Primer
Creates a conductive layer directly under the roofing membrane
Does not compromise membrane adhesion
Suitable for high- and low-voltage electronic leak detection
Retesting can be performed for the life of the membrane
30-minute dry time under normal conditions
Roll, spray, or pre-apply to cover boards or insulation
  Now you can specify a conductive layer DIRECTLY UNDER the membrane that doesn’t risk compromising adhesion. Patented* TruGround ensures a quick, thorough, and accurate membrane integrity test can be
performed on insulated roofing systems. Download the TruGround brochure.
TruGround® by Detec is the best way to make sure the waterproof membrane on your conventional roof assembly is dry and watertight. For use with both high and low voltage testing methods, TruGround changes the game with a simple and cost-effective solution. Get full testability and full adhesion—install the closest, most complete grounding substrate for the entire membrane.

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• Compatible with fully adhered, mechanically attached, fluid applied, and torch down membrane systems

• Meets ASTM Standard D7877, which requires “placing a conductive material directly under the membrane” when the electrical path to the conductive deck is interrupted

• Low VOC, meets Southern California’s strict emissions control requirements for primers

• Water-based, non-flammable and solvent free

• *US Patent 9,244,030, Canadian Patent 02818121, European Patent Pending

TruGround creates the closest conductive layer possible: directly under the membrane. During high or low voltage Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), TruGround primer provides the continuous electrical ground needed for optimum test reliability. If you want an integrity test you can count on, install TruGround.

TruGround®: Because Closer Is Better
TruGround: A New Patented Formulation That Ensures Truly Reliable
Membrane Integrity Tests For Conventional Roof Assemblies
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