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A few of the testimonials we've received from our many satisfied roofing and waterproofing clients:

“..I will definitely recommend your company...the report was phenomenal.”

“Thank you for your thorough services. I have already specified your company for another project upcoming in Philadelphia, and I will continue to specify ELD for waterproofing projects, and I will definitely recommend your company. Our supervisor on site only had good things to say and the report was phenomenal.”

P.B., Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania

“..our roofing contractor...was amazed at the accuracy of the scan..”

“Thank you for helping us out with our re-roofing project. I’ve talked with our roofing contractor and he said that he was amazed at the accuracy of the scan. The difference between wet and dry insulation was always within a few inches of the lines that were painted on the roof. He also said that the project would have been much more expensive if he had removed the entire roof system instead of the few relatively small areas that were pinpointed with the Infra-red Survey.

“Surveying our roof with Infra-red Analyzers was a great move. It’s amazing how much money can be saved using this type of service. Conservatively, we saved over $311,000 on our roofing project.”

E.B., CEO, Vermont

“..the most accurate leak detection test for a roof on the market..”

“Peter and his staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable which helped to convince the General Contractor that this was the most accurate leak detection test for a roof on the market. IR Analyzers conducted the testing in a prompt, thorough and accurate manner. It was a real pleasure to have worked with Peter and his staff and I highly recommend them when it comes to electronic vector mapping.”

C.L., Owner, Green Roof Design and Installation firm, California

“..Rest assured, we will call you again!..”

“The report helped us to make the decision to put on a new roof, it was very helpful. Rest assured, we will call you again!”

A.B., Roofing Consultant, Connecticut

“..We were very impressed with the report..”

“The scan went very well. We were very impressed with the report. We will call again.”

B.B., Roofing Contractor, Connecticut

“..I'm extremely happy with the work you did for us..”

“I'm extremely happy with the work you did for us. The technician walked the roof with me and showed me each of the wet areas. We had them repaired and have had no leaks since. We will definitely use you again if anything comes up!”

T.W., President, Property Management firm, Massachusetts

“..Everything went great..”

“Everything went great. We will always call you for roof scanning.”

J.V., Roofing Contractor, Connecticut

“ was perfect..”

“The report was perfect. We will call you the next time we need a scan.”

M.M., Roofing Contractor, Massachusetts

“..I recommend you all the time..”

“Everything went perfect, I recommend you all the time, so I keep your card hung up on my wall!”

R.C., Roofing Contractor, New York

“...I appreciate your cooperation and outstanding service...”

“Thank you, Michelle. I appreciate your cooperation and outstanding service this week. You're to be commended. Please forward this email to your supervisor and have a great weekend.”

J.M., Senior Project Manager, Rhode Island

“..scan [showed] that the leak is coming from the HVAC unit, not from the roof..”

“The scan went well and was helpful by showing that the leak is coming from the HVAC unit, not from the roof.”

P.R., Roofing Contractor, Massachusetts

“..your prices are very reasonable..”

“You guys are wonderful, everything you do for us is wonderful, and your prices are very reasonable.”

P.D., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..we will call you again..”

“The scan went very well, we will call you again when we need another.”

C.R., Roofing Contractor, Vermont

“..your company is great..”

“I always like to use you guys. I like your staff, think your company is great, and I'll never go anywhere else. I refer people to you folks all the time.”

L.R., Roofing Contractor, Rhode Island

“..The IR scan was helpful in demonstrating the extent of moisture saturation..”

“Everything went very well and I have another job that I'd like you folks to scan, too. The IR scan was helpful in demonstrating the extent of moisture saturation...”

B.S., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..scan...was very helpful in locating the problem areas in the roof..”

“The scan went very well and was very helpful in locating the problem areas in the roof.”

R.B., Roofing Contractor, New York

“..the information...that Infra-red Analyzers provided was extremely valuable..”

“The information on the existing roof system that Infra-Red Analyzers provided was extremely valuable to our company. We closed on the property last week. The broker representing the seller lauded our forensic due diligence in advance of the closing and stated that we had left no stone unturned; which was literal given the stone ballast on the roof! Please extend thanks to the technician and your team for the quick turn around of the report. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the project! We look forward to opportunities with Infra-Red Analyzers in the future.”

W.R., Project Manager, MA

Serving the Special Needs of Your Industry:
  • Whether you're troubleshooting an emergency or enhancing the safety and reliability of mission critical systems, we're ready to provide the professional inspection and analysis you need. More

  • From day care centers to colleges and universities, we've helped hundreds of educational institutions cut costs and improve the safety, comfort, and efficiency of their facilities. More

  • Our certified technicians and analysts help you develop a thorough understanding of the built environment to provide your clients with the best possible build and repair solutions. More

  • Our team has extensive training in the safe, professional testing of power generation and utility equipment to provide the independent testing and analysis you need. More

  • Infra-red Analyzers works closely with roofing contractors to provide professional testing and analysis for a thorough understanding of the roofing system's condition. More

  • Our vector mapping technicians can help you troubleshoot the toughest waterproofing problems in virtually any application with high or low voltage leak detection technology. More

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