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Operating Principles of Infrared Thermography
FLIR T420 Long Wave Infrared Camera  
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Every object whose surface temperature is above absolute zero (-273 °C) radiates energy at a wavelength corresponding to its surface temperature. Utilizing our highly sensitive infrared cameras, we capture this radiated energy in a thermal image of the object being surveyed. These digital thermal images can be captured directly from the camera for processing with powerful FLIR Tools+ and Thermonitor™ software.

Heat radiation is available to infrared cameras at the short-wave (3-5 µ) and long-wave (8-15 µ) ends of the spectrum, but is absorbed by moisture in the air in the center of the infrared spectrum. Infra-red Analyzersí fleet of over 20 imagers includes several models of both short- and long-wave infrared cameras designed to measure infrared signatures to a high degree of accuracy in a wide range of environments.
ThermaCAM PM390 Digital Radiometer
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Each camera design has its own special advantages when performing infrared inspections. Short-wave cameras are uniquely capable of determining moisture damage in roofing systems, especially white and reflective coated roofs. Long-wave cameras are especially suited for electrical testing, including all outdoor inspections. By using the proper camera for each type of test, our Certified Thermographers provide the most thorough and accurate information.

In our reports, hard-copy documentation of the survey findings is provided through the use of two types of images. Color Thermograms (photographs of the infrared image) and Control Photos (conventional digital images of the same scene taken during the inspection) are provided of problem areas uncovered during the inspection. In the thermograms, temperatures are displayed in a spectrum of colors. The graphic below illustrates the hierarchy of colors typically used to represent the relative temperature values of objects evaluated during an infrared inspection.
All of our thermal images feature extremely accurate embedded temperature measurement systems for fast, precise quantitative documentation of the object's thermal characteristics.
Infrared Thermography is an ideal technique for inspecting a wide range of equipment and building enclosure components for defects, wear, moisture intrusion, energy loss, and other problems.

Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys are performed in the evening after a sunny day. During the day, wet roof materials absorb much more of the sun's heat than dry materials. At night this “solar gain” is released as radiant heat, which our Certified Thermographers detect with an infrared camera. We then mark out the problem areas on the roof surface, enabling our clients to save many thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacement.

Non-contact Infrared inspections of electrical, mechanical, and steam systems are performed while the equipment is under normal load, causing no disruption to the operating routine of the system being inspected. Whenever the infrared inspection locates a thermal anomaly, its temperature is measured and a priority for the severity of the problem is established. Identification of overheating components permits early corrective measures to be implemented, thereby increasing safety, preventing costly equipment failures, reducing equipment downtime, and eliminating potential fire hazards.

Infrared Building Enclosure Inspections detect thermal anomalies in the building enclosure and provide a wealth of data about the real performance of the building to pinpoint heat losses and locate points of air and moisture intrusion. Infrared Testing can be paired with Blower Door Testing to generate a complete picture of all air leakage and conduction losses. Building owners use Infrared Building Enclosure Inspections to save millions of dollars every year by reducing energy costs, minimizing structural damage, and enhancing occupant comfort and health.

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