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Building Enclosure Inspection
Building Enclosure brochure (PDF)
Building Commissioning & Acceptance Testing
Blower Door Testing
Green Building and Infrared Testing
Building Enclosure Images Gallery 1
Building Enclosure Images Gallery 2
Building Enclosure Images Gallery 3
Building Enclosure Images Gallery 4
Building Enclosure Videos

Electrical Systems Inspection
Electrical Images Gallery
Mechanical Systems Inspection
Mechanical Images Gallery
Electrical-Mechanical Inspection brochure (PDF)
Testimonials From Our Electrical Inspection Clients
Experts Recommend Infrared Electrical Inspections

Roof Moisture Surveys
Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys 1
Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys 2
Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys 3
Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys 4
Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys 5
Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys
Roof Images Gallery
Infrared Videos: Roof Moisture Survey
Infrared Roof Moisture Survey brochure (PDF)
Nuclear Roof Moisture Survey brochure (PDF)
Importance of Roof Maintenance (PDF)
Common Roofing Problems (PDF)
Testimonials From Our Roof Survey Clients

Steam System Inspection
Steam Inspection brochure (PDF)

Vector Mapping Electronic Leak Detection
Low Voltage Vector Mapping
High Voltage Electronic Leak Detection
ELD Fusion® combines High and Low Voltage Electronic Leak Detection
Vector Mapping Electronic Leak Detection Brochure (PDF)
High Voltage Electronic Leak Detection Brochure (PDF)
ELD Fusion® Brochure (PDF)

High Voltage ELD Specifications (PDF)
High Voltage ELD Specifications (.DOC)
Low Voltage ELD Specifications (PDF)
Low Voltage ELD Specifications (.DOC)
High and Low Voltage ELD (ELD Fusion®) Specifications (PDF)
High and Low Voltage ELD (ELD Fusion®) Specifications (.DOC)

Industry Pages:
Educational Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Roofing Contractors and Consultants
Utilities and Power Generation

Roof Moisture Analysis: Infrared is a multi-purpose building management tool (article)
Vector Mapping: New Forensic Tool for Building Enclosure Problems
Electronic Leak Detection: The Future of Membrane Integrity Testing (PDF)
Infrared Testing Pinpoints Causes of Occupant Discomfort (PDF)
High Heating Costs? Infrared Delivers Savings (PDF)
Infrared Testing Resolves Post-Construction Disputes (PDF)
Infrared Testing for Moisture, Ice Dams, and Mold (PDF)
Infrared Pinpoints Building Performance Problems (PDF)
Testing Building Enclosures with Infrared Thermography: Delivering the “Big Picture” (PDF)

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World Trade Center Transit Hub
Brookhaven National Laboratories, National Synchrotron Light Source-II
Clemson University, Lee Hall
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Operating Principles of Infrared Thermography
Gallery of Infrared Images
Committed to Professional Standards
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FLIR® T420 High Performance Long-Wave Infrared Camera
FLIR® ThermaCAM PM390 Short-Wave Infrared Camera
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