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  FLIR® ThermaCAM PM390 Short-Wave Infrared Camera
Our Certified Thermographers use professional short-wave and long-wave infrared cameras to achieve the best possible testing results in every situation. One example is the FLIR/Inframetrics ThermaCAM PM390. This imaging radiometer combines state-of-the-art focal plane array detector technology with precision temperature measurement capabilities. The PM390 features ultra-high resolution FPA imaging, 12-bit-dynamic range, on-board digital signal processing and removable digital image storage. In combination with the powerful Thermonitor™ software, the system enables real-time digital image/data processing in the Windows® environment.
ThermaCAM PM390 Digital Radiometer
Performance Characteristics
Temperature Measurement Range
Extended Temp Measurement Range
Sensitivity (NETD @ 30 C)
Spectral Band
FOV (Deg) 16 degree lens, ƒ/1.5
Focus Range
Video Output Format 60 Hz
-20 to 450° C
to 1500° C
< 0.1° C
PtSi/CMOS 256 x 256 FPA
3.4 to 5 µm
17 horizontal x 16 vertical
6" to infinity
RS-170, NTSC, S-Video
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