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Clemson University, Lee Hall
Lee_Hall at Clemson_University
50 UN Plaza, San FranciscoLee Hall, Clemson University

A highly energy-efficient building, the 55,000-square-foot addition was conceived to accommodate the expanding needs of the college, which includes twelve professional degree programs in the four departments of art, architecture, construction science and management, and planning and landscape architecture. It was discovered early in the design process that all of these programs form a close-knit community with a rich culture of collaboration.

To cultivate this sense of community in the new addition, design studios, faculty offices, and classrooms within the different degree programs are intermingled in an open plan to generate an environment for “cross pollination” between programs and disciplines, allowing students to learn from other students and faculty through informal creative exchanges. Proximity and transparency are supported with carefully detailed glazing between interior program elements, which produces dynamic visual connections throughout the facility.

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