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Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys
Accurate Assessment of Roof Condition
Building owners save hundreds of millions of dollars annually with infrared roofing inspection.
Our professional infrared testing substantially reduces your roof repair and replacement costs by:
Targeting problem areas and wet insulation for effective repair
Identifying sound roof sections for conservation
Creating money-saving replacement options
Stretching Roof Maintenance Dollars
Cutting Heating Costs – Wet Roofing Insulation Wastes Energy
Improving specifications for more competitive bidding
Control ImageThermogram
Get independent, objective information about the real condition of your roof system
to help you make sound decisions and sift through conflicting opinions and advice.
How it Works
During the daytime, wet roof insulation absorbs much more solar heat than dry insulation. During the night, this “solar gain” is released as radiant heat, which is detectable with the infrared camera.
Wet insulation absorbs more solar gain during the day.. ..and releases more stored solar heat during the night.
Our certified thermographers use state-of-the-art cameras to capture the “thermal signature” of the roof’s nighttime heat loss. As you can see in the photos below, the infrared image pinpoints the extent of moisture damage within the roof. Our inspection teams precisely mark out the damaged areas on the roof surface, so you can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacement.
Thermographic image from infrared camera Control image, wet sections marked for removal

Example of Real Savings

Here’s just one example of how you can use our infrared roofing surveys to save big money when you're faced with roof repair or replacement decisions.

The building owner had been told the roof needed to be stripped down to the deck and new insulation and roofing installed, at a cost of $1,061,000. However, our infrared inspection determined that the vast majority of the roof was not damaged. Armed with our detailed information, the building owner chose to remove only the water-damaged areas and re-roof over the existing sound roofing, at a cost of only $745,000.

Because she asked us to perform a $5,000 infrared roof moisture survey, the building owner saved $311,000!

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